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Movember Movement Growing Steadily

The Mens Health Awareness movement known as "Movember" has crossed the half-way mark. Carilion physicians aren't the only ones growing facial hair to raise awareness of men's health issues. 

Dr. Mark Greenawald recently visited with WDBJ morning news anchor Seth Kovar to compare their progress, and talk about why men often ignore important health issues until its too late. He also spoke about the most important numbers a man should know.

Nursing Careers Support Local Families

Nursing touches people's lives in many ways. When the economic downturn hit, leading to two layoffs, Todd and Alicia Hartman turned to health care. Both went back to school and now work in nursing at Carilion - Alicia at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, and Todd at Carilion's Botetourt pediatric office. Hear more about their story in this report from WDBJ.

Can you Beat the Holiday Binge?

The holidays are almost here, and many people will face overloaded dinner tables, overflowing plates and an almost irresistable urge to give in and binge. Carilion Clinic Dietitian Martha Ross recently spent some time talking to WDBJ's Melissa Gaona about ways to minimize the damage, including her own secret weapon, "Pumpkin Fluff Whip". 

Carilion Breast Care Center Survivors' Retreat Featured

Thanks to Matt Chittum and Stephanie Klein-Davis of The Roanoke Times for sharing a chilly morning with a group of brave breast cancer survivors and staff members from the Carilion Breast Care Center at the Phoebe Needles Conference Center in Calloway. Great people, great event, great story, great pictures.

Carilion's New Artist in Residence Program Makes a Big Impression on Patients and Staff

In September, artist Jane Lillian Vance began painting in the lobby of Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Her art (and the artist herself) immediately had a "magnetic" effect. Patients, patients, visitors and staff felt drawn to her work, stopping to watch, comment and ask questions which she happily answered. Vance is Carilion's first Artist in Residence, part of the Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program. Thanks to a generous donor, the residency program features a quarterly rotation of local artists who provide art activities, demonstrations in waiting areas and workshops for staff. Roanoke Symphony Orchestra cellist David Feldman begins his residency rotation in December. Carilion is currently accepting applications from artists for future residency positions. You can find more information on the Healing Arts web page. Vance's art and the Healing Arts program were featured in The Roanoke Times on November 8th. 

Carilion Physicians Focus on Men's Health for "Movember"

You might notice more men wearing facial hair this month (with varying degrees of success).  One of them might be your doctor.  Its part of the "Movember" movement to support men's health.  Carilion family medicine specialist Dr. Mark Greenawald recently spoke to WSLS's Karen McNew about the initiative, and offered some important health advice for men.