High Risk Neuroblastoma Study

High Risk Neuroblastoma Study

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Phase III Randomized Study of Chimeric Antibody 14.18 (Ch14.18) in High Risk Neuroblastoma Following Myeloablative Therapy and Autologous Stem Cell Rescue.


COG # ANBL0032


This study involves the use of an investigational biologic therapy, ch14.18, a monoclonal antibody + Interleukin-2 + GM-CSF + Isotretinoin (Accutane®) to treat high risk neuroblastoma that has responded well to chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy and stem cell transplant treatments.The purpose of this companion study is to evaluate an experimental treatment aimed at maintaining or improving your response to previous treatments.


  • All patients must be diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and categorized as high risk at the time of diagnosis and must be less than or equal to 30.99 years of age at diagnosis.
  • All patients must have completed therapy including intensive induction followed by ASCT and radiotherapy to be eligible for this study.

Primary Investigator(s)

Mandy Atkinson, M.D.

Contact Information

Wendy McCarty, Clinical Research Coordinator
Office: 540-981-7376