Interventional Care

Interventional Care

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At the Carilion Clinic Center for Advanced Endoscopy, our interventional gastroenterologists are involved in the practice of novel endoscopic technologies and protocols to help manage a large variety of gastrointestinal diseases. Our close collaboration with the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine as well as international collaborators in Spain and South America facilitates the exchange of information in pioneering new techniques for optimal patient care.


Paul Yeaton, M.D., an internationally acknowledged leader in endoscopy is currently pioneering innovative treatments for complex pancreatico-biliary disease employing novel stent design and deployment. He currently serves as the division chief for Carilion Gastroenterology and in heavily involved in endoscopic innovation locally as well as abroad.


Novel enteral stent procedures help manage malignant gastric outlet obstruction, malignant duodenal and colonic obstruction. Our advanced endoscopy team works closely with medical and surgical oncologists to provide care to patients with gastrointestinal cancers.


Carilion Clinic has been at the forefront of endoscopic management of pancreatocobiliary diseases, ranging from complex biliary stones requiring lithotripsy, to chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Robust collaboration currently exists between our interventional team and our surgical and medical oncologists using a team-centered approach.


Carilion Clinic will soon offer BARRx therapy for Barrett's esophagus, an exciting approach using radiofrequency ablation against pre-cancerous mucosa. Endomucosal resection techniques for the treatment of Barrett's with high-grade dysplasia is also available and widely practiced.