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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Video: Jeffrey Todd, M.D. explains the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation.

Our Carilion Clinic Cardiac Rehabilitation program is designed to help people with heart disease recover faster, feel better and get healthier. Our trained specialists use exercise and wellness conditioning to regain strength and endurance. We'll also help educate you and your family about how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

For Carilion heart patients, cardiac rehab actually starts while you are still in the hospital. A cardiac rehab nurse makes bedside visits to discuss your condition and explains what you will need to do to get back to living your regular life.

Next is an outpatient exercise program, beginning a week or two after your discharge. This consists of twice-weekly structured exercise sessions tailored to your needs, based on your diagnosis, your doctor's recommendations and your own preferences. Outpatient programs are conveniently located throughout our western Virginia service area.

Cardiac rehab programs include:

  • Aerobic exercise that elevates your heart rate and helps improve the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body.
  • Strength-training, including the use of weights, to improve your muscle strength and stamina.
  • Education to help you and your family learn more about your condition.

Exercise sessions are monitored by medical professionals who've received special training in how to handle emergencies. During your exercise sessions you may be connected to an EKG transmitter or other types of monitoring equipment since evaluating how your heart reacts and adapts to exercise is an important part of cardiac rehabilitation.

You'll also learn how to maintain optimal heart health on your own at home, after completion of your outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program. Family members are strongly encouraged to attend cardiac rehabilitation sessions and to remain involved in healthy lifestyle activities.

A physician referral is required before patients start cardiac rehab. Most insurance policies cover at least portions of a cardiac rehab program for those who are eligible.

We offer cardiac rehabilitation in Roanoke, Bedford, the New Rivery Valley, and Lexington. For more information, call 800-422-8482.



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