Care Connection

Care Connection

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Care Connection for Children, sponsored by the Virginia Department of Health, is a statewide network of regional programs that provides health care coordination, community support, and resources to children with special health care needs.

Carilion Clinic was selected as one of six Virginia networks that will give local children with special health care needs access to optimally effective, community–based medical and support services.

The program ensures increased access to specialty care, as well as assistance with obtaining health insurance, accessing area resources and determining eligibility for outside funding.

Our Newsletter: Winter Newsletter 2014-2015


Care Connection’s team–based approach pulls together case managers, medical personnel, educators and family members to determine how children with special health care needs can reach their maximum potential. We serve as a lifeline in gaining access to and coordinating the many different services that can help a child with a physical disability.

Care Coordinators connect families with:

  • Local health care providers who have expertise with children with special health care needs
  • Health care payment options
  • Resources from the community
  • School programs and services
  • Other families experiencing similar situations

For Children

There are approximately 190,000 children living in the Commonwealth of Virginia who have physical disorders that are expected to last for at least 12 months. These children require treatment beyond that normally expected for their age.

In Roanoke, or one of the other regional affiliates, the Care Connection program can help children in such difficult circumstances get the care they need.

Care Connection Child Eligibility

  • Live in Virginia
  • Are under age 21
  • Have a diagnosed physical disorder that is expected to last longer than 12 months

Contact Information

If a child in your family has special health care needs, please contact or have your health care provider contact:

Roanoke Area Care Connection for Children
903 S. Jefferson St.
Roanoke, VA 24016
Fax: 540-985-8494