Patient Stories

Patient Stories

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Our patients tell our story the best. Here are some of their inspiring stories.


Video: Valeta Pittman

After years of use, Valeta Pittman, Roanoke, Va., started to limp and feel pain in her hip. Realizing she didn't want it to get worse, Valeta underwent anterior approach hip replacement surgery. This less invasive approach to hip replacement meant Valeta could be back on her feet in no time and back doing the things she loves, like golfing. Now Valeta can tee off without pain and is glad Carilion Clinic Orthopaedics helped rebuild her life.


Enjoying Life After Hip Replacement


For Susan Marchon, a new hip has recharged her life. In June, Marchon underwent anterior hip replacement surgery on her deteriorated right hip. With her pain significantly reduced, she is able to keep up with the demands of daily life.

“It was the best thing I ever did,” says Marchon, the executive director of the New River Valley Alcohol Safety Action Program. “It’s been a miracle. I feel like I have my life back.”

Marchon, who also had back surgery in 2011, had read about the anterior approach and knew she wanted to take that route.

Joseph Moskal, M.D., section chief of orthopaedics at Carilion Clinic, performed the procedure.

When she got home, Marchon discovered that everyday tasks were often the hardest. Wanting to help others, she created a brochure packed with advice on everything from how to put on compression stockings and going to the bathroom to organizing your home before surgery.

“These are the things I needed to be as independent as I possibly could during my recovery,” she says.

Marchon is grateful for the care she received and often recommends Dr. Moskal to others. “I’m a Dr. Moskal groupie,” she jokes. “If anyone I know has hip issues, I refer them to him.”

Surgeons trained in the anterior approach technique:

John Mann, M.D.

Joseph Moskal, M.D.

Michael Wolfe, M.D.

Ryan Harris, D.O.