Patient Stories

Carilion's exceptional neurosurgery team provides patients with highly advanced, compassionate care. Read more about some of our patients and their families as they share their personal stories about the care they received at Carilion.

Brain Hemorrhage

Betty Branch

Betty Branch

Betty Branch's Story

“It was like a grenade went off in my head,” recounts 79-year-old Roanoke sculptor Betty Branch. That “grenade” was a brain hemorrhage, leaving the acclaimed artist unable to use her entire left side. But Betty wasn’t going to let this crisis stop her, and neither was her care team at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. There, interventional radiologists and neurosurgeons worked together to perform a groundbreaking neurointerventional procedure. By way of remote incisions, they reached Betty’s hemorrhage and effectively plugged it. Just three months later, she was back to her studio and the life she loves.

I have almost regained full use of my left hand, and have nothing but praise for my entire team of doctors, nurses, and therapists at Carilion.
- Betty Branch


Olivia Grace Call's Story

At 5 ½ months old, Olivia Grace Call underwent emergency brain surgery to remove a large AVM found in her brain. She experienced no symptoms up until the night before it was discovered. Her parents knew something was not right with their baby, so they brought her to Carilion. Her amazing story can be read in Carilion Clinic Living.

Deep Brain Stimulation

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