Trauma Surgery

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A significant proportion of neurosurgical emergencies are related to trauma. At Carilion Clinic, 50 percent of emergency consultations are related to traumatic head and spine injuries. Our dedicated neurosurgery team offers full-service trauma coverage with extensive experience and expertise in the treatment of severe brain injuries, traumatic hemorrhages, skull and sinus fractures, spinal cord injuries, neck and back fractures, and peripheral nerve injuries. The team works with trauma surgery, critical care, invasive radiology, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, and others to provide the best care possible to patients facing a traumatic injury.

Carilion's neurosurgery team treats multiple head traumas every day. Some of the treatments our neurosurgeons perform for head traumas include:

  • Placement of ICP monitors
  • Ventriculostomy
  • Decompressive craniectomies
  • Subdural/epidural/intraparenchymal hematoma evacuation
  • Chronic subdural hematoma evacuation
  • Gunshot wound repair
  • Depressed skull fracture repair