Occupational Health

Injury Management

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Injury Management

Our return-to-work philosophy, is facilitated by treating ill or injured employees promptly so they can quickly and safely return to their jobs or perform appropriately modified duties.

When accidents happen, we help get your employees the care they need. We treat your employees in an efficient, economical, and convenient manner, so they can return to work as soon as possible and you can reduce lost time and disabilities.

  • The convenience of walk-in appointments at all of our locations, offering extended hours at VelocityCare Centers
  • X-ray services available in facility
  • Treatment by clinical professionals with training and expertise in areas such as trauma, industrial medicine, toxicology, and hazardous exposures
  • Timely communication of results to employers, reporting on employees' diagnoses, condition, and work status
  • Follow-up care from the same medical team or referral to the appropriate specialist
  • Complete billing services, including completion of insurance forms and handling of workers' compensation claims
  • Access to vast network of specialists for referral services if necessary including orthopaedists, hand surgeons, physical therapists, neurosurgeons, general surgeons, pain specialists