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Welcome to the home page for OCPD, the Office of Continuing Professional Development! This newly revised website is for the benefit of all faculty, staff and health professions "learners" who are working or training at the Carilion Clinic System, which includes the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and the Jefferson College of Health Sciences.

Continuing Professional Development is a term that covers a great deal of territory! Our vision for what is meant by this term is reflected in our new organizational structure, where we have combined three previously separate units into a single new department. Our goal is to provide a streamlined support unit that will help meet the ongoing learning needs of a variety of groups across our health system. Each of our program areas (e.g., continuing medical education events, clinical simulation services, live workshop series, online presentations) can be viewed as tools to facilitate continuous learning across the continuum of health professions training and practice. Professionals who work within the health care system know how rapidly things change, and how important it is to stay current with our knowledge and skill sets. Whether you are a brand new student just starting a training program, a first year resident physician, a nurse practitioner just beginning your first job, or even a seasoned health care professional who has been out of school for years - the need to stay up to date never changes! We are here to help facilitate whatever lifelong learning needs you may have, as you progress through the various stages of your training and career.

It is our sincere hope that every learning activity we provide or sponsor will enable participants to get better at what they do every day, whether it is clinical care, teaching and assessing students, communicating effectively, conducting high quality research or leading administrative units or other programs. In our view, all of these various types of learning activities ultimately contribute to safer and higher quality patient care, both now and in the future. Toward that end, we are pleased you have landed on our site. We invite you to take a look at the various types of activities we provide, and we welcome your feedback, questions or comments!

Below is a link that details our Faculty Development Fast Track Program and how we can help you organize a session for your group.

Faculty Development Fast Track Program