Meet Our Team

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Carilion Clinic Orthopaedics Team

As the state's largest orthopaedic group, we offer services in Roanoke, New River Valley, Independence, Franklin, Giles, and Tazewell.


Dallas Crickenberger, M.D.
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Douglas Kells, M.D.
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Robert Stephenson, M.D.
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Michael Helvey, D.O.
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Joseph Moskal, M.D.
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John Mann, M.D.
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Michael Wolfe, M.D.
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Jeffrey Chain, M.D.
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Ryan Harris, D.O.
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Benjamin R. Coobs, M.D.

Coming in August 2015
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Allen W. Crowder, PA-C

Carol S. CdeBaca, PA-C

Jacob R. Sakiey, PA-C

Jiwei Chen, PA-C
Brad Williams, PA-C

ORTHOPAEDIC SPINE, Scoliosis, and Pediatrics

Julia Bulkeley, M.D.
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Caleb J. Behrend, M.D.
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Jonathan Carmouche, M.D.
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Michael Mauro, D.O.
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Alicia K. Lewis, PA-C
Jason Peery, PA-C

ORTHOPAEDIC TRAUMA and Fracture Service

Franco Coniglione, D.O.
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Thomas Shuler, M.D.
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Trevor Owen, M.D.
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Jesse Seamon, M.D.

Coming in August 2015
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A.J. Manville, PA-C


Thomas K. Miller, M.D.
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Brent Johnson, M.D.
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Christopher John, M.D.
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Christofer Catterson, M.D.
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Jonathan Robert Maher, M.D.
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Edward Hemphill, M.D.
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Erin Berry, PA-C
Andrea Hebert, PA-C
Corey Smock, PA-C
Talena Williams, PA-C


Cesar Bravo, M.D.
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Hugh Hagan, M.D.
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Cassandra Mierisch, M.D.
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Cay Mierisch, M.D.
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Horatiu Dancea, M.D.
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Peter J. Apel, M.D.
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Julie Crocker, PA-C
Emily Fischer, N.P.


James Chandler, M.D.
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Marc Platt, D.P.M.
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Randy Clements, D.P.M.
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Jason Naldo, D.P.M.
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Robert B Schopf, D.P.M
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