Research & Scholarly Activities

Research & Scholarly Activities

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Scholarly productivity takes several forms at Carlion Clinic and the VTC School of Medicine.  We seek to advance scientific research as well as medical innovation and to share our findings with colleagues across the globe.  There are virtually unlimited opportunities available within our system to participate in basic science, clinical, translational, educational and quality-oriented research.

As a relatively new medical school, the VTCSOM has worked with the Carilion Clinic system to enhance and support faculty scholarly activity, especially to support research endeavors of clinical faculty.  These steps include:

  • Collaborative efforts in recruitment of faculty
  • Support of information series emphasizing translational and clinical research
  • The catalytic role in research productivity by medical students and resident physicians who are expected to produce meaningful research by working with clinical faculty mentors
  • Supportive measures by clinical departments to encourage time and effort in research by clinical faculty
  • The revamp and redirection of faculty development, including specific efforts to develop skills in teaching and research
  • The allocation of funding, both supportive of ongoiong projects and as pilot projects, to encourage scholarly activity
  • The purchase of database to record scholarly activity in a more comprehensive manner

In collaboration with the faculty, the Office of Professional Development helps sponsor a series of research classes and online modules designed to help physicians continually improve the core knowledge and skills needed to be successful as researchers.  These sessions are open to anyone interested in research.  Our staff will also come to your Department, Section, or Committee meetings to deliver presentations and/or facilitate discussions on various research-related topics.

Sample Research Curriculum Topics

  • Turning Ideas into Research
  • Introduction to Medical Research
  • Knowledge-based Resources
  • Prospecting:  How to Find Dollars to Support Your Research
  • Educational Research:  A Critically Important Focus Area
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Research Design & Methods
  • Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Overview of Statistical Applications
  • IRB and Research Ethics
  • Publishing and Presenting Research Findings