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Teaching & Learning

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Teaching & Learning Programs

Health Professions Educator Series
Residents as Teachers
VTC Faculty Development

At the heart of every academic medical center is the "teaching mission."  Many people who work in an academic setting talk about teaching as the single most important reason they chose to enter academic practice, and the ability to teach effectively is a goal for which everyone should aspire.  Teaching itself takes many forms and involves many skill sets, depending on the setting.  Giving a lecture to a large group is quite different from leading a case-based discussion with a typical inpatient ward team, or leading students through a laboratory-based exercise.

One goal of the Office of Professional Development is to enable all who teach to get better and better at it!  The programs described in this section of our web site are focused on different groups of learners, but the overall concern is the same across all learning settings, "How can I improve as a teacher?"  Our programs range from one-time, stand-alone presentations to an entire series of learning opportunities that may last for up to a year.

Please take a look at each program tab listed, and let us know if you are interested in participaing in any of them.  And, if you have an interest in developing a program that is NOT listed, let us know that as well!  We would be glad to work with you to tailor a program that will meet the specific health professions education needs that you or your group may have.