About the Program

About the Program

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Welcome to the Virginia Tech Carilion Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program. Our goal is to facilitate mastery of a broad range of skills which the child psychiatrist will require for excellence in modern practice. We promote an awareness of multiple influences on development, both genetic and environmental, and the capacity to view clinical problems from multiple perspectives simultaneously.

The Fellow learns to view child psychopathology through the lenses of developmental, family, systems, and biological theories. Selective application of testing instruments complements the skills of observation to improve accuracy in diagnosis and in the measurement of treatment effect.

The Fellow also learns to blend individual observations with those of a multi-disciplinary team, both at the level of assessment and that in the planning of comprehensive treatment.

Our program also encourages individual interests. Research, teaching, and special projects are encouraged. Faculty share their passion for lifetime learning and seek to guide and inspire the Fellow in the process of applying knowledge to clinical practice.

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