Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

Resident Perspectives

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Kathryn Johnson, D.O.

"I was thrilled on my match day when I saw that I had matched at VTCSOM. After doing an audition rotation here in my 4th year, I knew that this was my first choice. The nurses, residents and faculty were so kind, supportive and encouraging during my visit and that continued after I started residency. The residency curriculum offers a variety of experiences in different clinical settings and with different mental health agencies. There are many opportunities to do research, get involved in the community or participate on different committees at the hospital. I am confident that I am getting a wonderful education here and that I will be ready for clinical practice after graduation."

"When I am not at work the city of Roanoke offers a wide variety of dining, cultural activities and outdoor fun. The cost of living here is low, there isn't much traffic and there are many affordable options for resident housing. Some of my favorite Roanoke events are, Festival in the Park, Go Outside Festival, Strawberry Festival and going to the farmer's market downtown on the weekends. No matter what your interests are there is something for you in the Roanoke Valley."

Richard Ha, D.O.

"From the minute I arrived here on my interview day, I knew that I really wanted to be here. I interviewed all over the country (East Coast, West Coast, South, Midwest) and this program ended up being my number one choice. The support I have gotten here has been outstanding and our program director, Dr. Kablinger, is one of the most caring people I have ever met. I think she is very mindful of that because there is a strong emphasis on being a caring, well balanced person in this program.  You will never be able to escape her hugs when you meet her. She even encouraged me to participate in the memorial service for one of my patients when I heard he passed away. Our chair, Dr. Kilgus, has also been known to cook hot dogs for the staff and play slow pitch softball with us during our annual picnic. I believe the program's emphasis on putting forth a little extra effort on being compassionate really reflects on how we treat each other and our patients. When I asked this year's intern class what their favorite aspect of the program is, the unanimous answer was, 'the people'."

"We also have many opportunities to excel academically. Several of our graduates have matched in competitive fellowships because of the connections we have in our program. The attendings really go out of their way to help us achieve our goals however, they also have a vested interest in continuing to work with us if we chose to stay. Carilion Clinic is an expanding institution and the residency is at one of the largest hospitals in the state of Virginia. We get our fair share of exposure to different pathologies and there is also ample opportunity to participate in research. Faculty are always looking for project participants. We have opportunities to work with the medical students and PA students from Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, University of Virginia, Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Jefferson College of Health Sciences. These schools produce outstanding students and are a blast to work with. I think we have some of the most enthusiastic medical/PA students in the country. They really are trained well to work with us. I can honestly say that my training here has been a very good experience. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a supportive environment that helps you grow at your own pace."

Jessica Jeffrey, D.O.

"I feel fortunate to be part of a university-affiliated program with accessible faculty who love to teach and know their residents. I remember being very impressed during my program interview that not a single interviewer opened my file during the discussion; everyone had made the effort to get to learn about me before I arrived."

"This program has a good variety of clinical settings, interesting pathology, several fellowships, and is part of a growing clinic system. But I am also able to live in a very small rural town, spend plenty of time outdoors and pursue my own interests outside of medicine. It's a good fit."

Sheri Elaine, M.D.

"The psychiatry residency program at Carilion Clinic is overall an amazing program. They will be surrounded by people who genuinely care about not just your learning but you as a person. Weekly didactics are presented by both faculty and residents so for me learning is enforced by both listening to my seniors present and having the faculty there as backup. Also, first year of residency can be intimidating for many. However, I like the fact that our mentors really make an effort to be there for you and assist you in any way they can. Our program director is always checking in on us to make sure that everything is going well and she actually listens and adjusts accordingly."

"I'm from New York, so coming to Roanoke was a wonderful change for me. Commuting to work is fast and easy, people actually say 'good morning' and smile. Not to mention lots of green and outdoor activities. I'm very pleased that I chose to do my residency here and I believe that once you come to Roanoke you will absolutely fall in love with the program and people here."