Post-Award Process

Post-Award Process

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Research and Development’s Post–Award Process

After all pre–award processes have been completed and funding is awarded, project management will begin and post award forms will be utilized. Please see the Post Award Manual for additional information.

Fund Set Up & Kick–off Meeting

R&D will set up an Activity Code for the newly awarded project. Each project will have a unique code. R&D will forward a Sponsored Project Authorization Notification (SPAN) with the activity code included to the PI. This code must be used when expensing funds on the project. A “project kick–off” meeting will be scheduled with the PI and team members to discuss post award processes.

Expenditures on Sponsored Projects

All expenditures on sponsored projects must pass through R&D for review and signatory approval. This includes ordering (purchase requests), invoice payments, employee reimbursements, travel, subject payments, stipends, and clinical procedures and services. All capital requests and equipment to be charged against a project must also be routed through R&D for review and approval.

Income on Sponsored Projects

All income from the project sponsor must also pass through R&D for approval prior to deposit. Involving R&D in this process ensures that proper oversight of funds is occurring and that federal and institutional regulations are followed. If the PI receives any payments, it should be sent immediately to R&D.

Effort Reporting

For all personnel working on projects, R&D will charge their time on a monthly basis. Each month, project personnel will be required to authorize the time they spend on the project via the Effort Reporting Form. Effort is not based on a standard work week or number of hours, such as “40,” but is based as a percent on the total time attributed to institutional activities.


R&D will be responsible for submitting any financial reports required by the sponsor. The PI is responsible for submitting any technical reports in a timely manner. R&D will remind the PI of any progress report deadlines.