Clinical Rotations

Clinical Rotations

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Learning Through Patient Interaction

Students who require clinical training or practicums as part of their curriculum may apply for placement at Carilion facilities. Previous placements have included nursing, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, medical assisting and physician assistant. Placement in specific department or profession is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a current program of clinical study.
  • Completed applications must be received by the deadline provided for each semester.
  • Students should not contact Carilion Clinic staff and/or providers seeking clinical placements.
  • An existing Affiliation Agreement must be in place prior to beginning a rotation.
  • Students must complete an online student orientation and any required training prior to the start of the rotation.

Application Process

Those interested in clinical placement at Carilion Clinic should complete an application.

Application Periods

  • Fall Semester: May 1 - June 15
  • Spring Semester: October 1 - November 15
  • Summer Semester: February 1 - March 15

Applications can be mailed or faxed to Visiting Student Affairs, PO Box 13367, Roanoke, VA 24033, Fax 540-983-1189.